Video: Babasónicos' "Muñeco de Haití"

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Since the early nineties Argentina’s Babasónicos have been paving the way for many Latin alt-indie, and electro-rockers. Playing off the same retro-electro progressive dance vibe as one of our favorites Los Amigos Invisibles, and setting a precedent for Latin-pop the world over — Baba’s got it all. Inspiring bands like Zoe and ushering the dawn of the festival explosions in Latin America, Babasónicos presents their latest buzz worthy video for the single, “Muñeco de Haití.” The heist theme goes well with Babasonicos funk-filled rhythms and soulful guitars. While the playful attack-of-the killer-bees dance inducing antics will surely inspire a whole new set of Latin American crunk styles.

Enjoy the lighthearted, psychedelic folk on the Babasonicos break-hit, “Muñeco de Haití” off their 2011 latest A Propósito right here.