Video: Bajofondo's "Cuesta Arriba" [ARG/URU]

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Bajofondo‘s ambitious third album, Presente, just got its third video single. After an overdose of close-up portraits in “Lluvia,” their second, they probably assumed that we were already all too familiar with the band members’ faces so they went to the opposite extreme and in “Cuesta Arriba” they all remain off-screen, leaving the spotlight to acclaimed Argentine/Mexican actress Inés Efron (XXY, The Fish Child).

If you’ve recently seen Bajofondo live you might remember “Cuesta Arriba” as that moment when Argentine-by-the-way-of-Los Angeles Adrián Sosa abandons his position behind the drum kit and grabs the microphone to sing, as part of their usual rotation of frontmen.

That surprised me too, I wasn’t expecting the drummer killing it on the mic like that, but, hey, this is a multitalented bunch. After the success of solo side projects by bandmates Luciano Supervielle and Juan Campodónico, would it be safe to predict a solo debut album by Sosa in the near future?

[insert-video youtube=RuOWJVNlLzs]

(Photo by Picky Talarico)