Video: Banda De Turistas’ “El Comemundos” [ARG]

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Ey, what the heck happened? Why is Banda De Turistas going all cock-rock swagger on us on “El Comemundos?” Borrowing from the past is obviously their thing, considering their track record. There were guitar flourishes reminiscent of The Cure in “Cada Día” and songs such as “Todo Mio El Otoño” were very Kinks-like in nature.

Come to think of it, “El Comemundos” has an air of The Kinks but more along the lines of “You Really Got Me” rather than, say, “Last Of The Steam-Powered Trains.” I guess what I’m saying is that I like Banda De Turistas, mostly because they continue to remind me of The Kinks in some ways. Let’s just hope they don’t take their act to the theater as well.

Check out the video by Martin Borini below.

[insert-video youtube=6oo-708o8Bo]