Video: Banda UÓ does The Strokes cover, "Rosa" (+ mp3)

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My editor is right, this is one of the best covers of all time. The Strokes‘ classic, “Last Night” was already legendary amongst a generation of Weezer and Green Day loving adolescents, but with the evolution of global dancehall remixing, our Brazilian queer crew, Banda UÓ just doesn’t let up on the rambunctious renditions of top 40 pop hits. While maintaining the initial rock and roll umph of the original, our favorite gay and trans trio are making sonic as well as visual waves with their tripped out, slow motion and crisp production. I’m running to my Brazilian Girls and CSS collection as we speak, just to keep up the Portuguese lessons. If anybody wants to lend me a hand translating the song to Spanish, I’m sure tons of people would love to get to the bottom of this mysteriously unfolding track, “Rosa.” Like picking through your change to buy a loose cigarette on the corner and some fresh bread from the bakery down your block, you’ll be savoring this morsel all day.

Rosa (Bonus Track) by Banda UÓ

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