Video: Barrio Lindo's "La Cueva" (ft. Chancha Via Circuito) [ARG]

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Let’s go on a trip deep into the forest with Argentine producer Agustín Rivaldo, a.k.a. Barrio Lindo. In the music video for his new single, “La Cueva,” directed by Shame On You Ninja, we collect all kinds of mushrooms, insects, and frogs, with a mysterious girl wearing a red raincoat, armed with a big bottle and an illustrated entomology book. “La Cueva” is off Barrio Lindo’s debut album, Menoko, following the release of two EPs, Sistema Respiratorio (2012) and Libres (2013).

This trance-inducing instrumental in 6/8 is a collaborative track with Chancha Via Circuito, another producer from Argentina who seamlessly incorporates folklore and nature into his work. The song already has an organic aspect to it, with the use of acoustic instruments like a mouth harp and Andean flutes (Rivaldo constructs them himself), which adds interesting textures to the programmed beat, making it feel alive. The visuals’ natural images, vibrant colors, and flawless photography really accentuate these aspects.

Menoko is out now on Project: Mooncircle.

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