Video: Bebe just wants you to L.O.V.E. her

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Like a teenage brat, Bebe is demanding love and attention, but she does it in such ingenious way, that you can’t really deny it to her. The Spanish singer that broke into the market back in 2004 with the memorable Pa’ Fuera Telarañas, is back with her third studio album and a totally revamped style (remember when she first came out and people were accusing her of copying Mala Rodríguez?). She went to Paris for these extreme makeover and came back with Un Pokito De Rocanrol, her new album (to be released in the US in February 7th on Capitol Latin) that includes this addictive first single: “K.I.E.R.E.M.E.,” a tongue-twisting plea for love full of witty wordplay over a heavy percussive beat that doesn’t resemble “rocanrol” at all. One thing is for sure, she’ll be getting a lot of love from the DJ community, because they’d all love to get their hands on this and remix the hell out of it.

[insert-video youtube=xs7qklHOXGA]