Video: Blax Draft's "Fraggle" (Camanchaca Remix) [ARG]

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The remix of Blax Draft‘s “Fraggle,” by Argentine production duo Camanchaca, was originally released almost three years ago, but they brought it to life again, thanks to its brand new music video filmed in Ireland and directed by Julián Astelarra. The video visually represents two of the elements introduced into the remix: the sampling of Muhammad Ali reciting his 1975 poem, “Rumble in the Jungle,” and the vocals borrowed from O.G.’s 1994 single, “Born 2 Live.” There is only one guy portraying a number of characters, which includes two thugs armed with guns and rifles, a sharply dressed man lip-synching the lyrics, a bandana-masked drummer, and The Greatest.

The remix is also included in the duo’s third album, Digitalismo Bailable (2012, self released), and it strips the original version of its house and fidget sounds, replacing them with cumbia and hip-hop. Put on your boxing gloves and watch the video for “Fraggle” below.

[insert-video vimeo=91757081]