Video: Blondfire's "Young Heart" [BRA/USA]

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Having your music in a national ad spot is both a blessing and a curse. Blessing because, of course, you’re exposed to a massive market, one a small indie band wouldn’t be able to tackle easily through its own devices. And a curse only if you care about dignity, preservation of the soul, and all those other pesky moral high grounds. Nonetheless, it gives bands a wider way in. So you might recognize LA-based band, Blondfire from their recent Honda Civic ad, in which their single “Where the Kids Are” tickled our car-coveting fancies. It’s fitting that the ad featured balloons upon balloons because that song is intensely joyful, in a bearable sort of way. It’s anthemic in the way that MGMT and Astro are anthemic.

Now we have a lyric video for the slower jam, “Young Heart,” which premiered on Zooey Deschanel’s HelloGiggles page, because, of course. Zooey and company love balloons and family and wondrousness and their taste can at times veer into too-much-twee, but I welcome this recommendation.

Erica Driscoll, the half-Brazilian lead singer behind Blondfire, is currently touring her buoyant pop act with Foals and Surfer Blood. You can buy the Warner Bros-released EP, Where the Kids Are, below.

[insert-video youtube=FcDUJMkKS48]

Download Blondfire’ Where the Kids Are below: