Video: Bomba Estéreo's "Caribbean Power"

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Few bands come on to the music scene with so much intensity that the whole world notices and even fewer are able to build on that intensity and continue to create innovative music that transcends cultures . Colombia’s Bomba Estereo is one of these few bands. On their video for their second single , Caribbean Power, off last year’s excellent  Elegancia Tropical ,they feature a live performance of the song that really captures the ferocity of their live shows and their new found love for the synthesizer.

Having seen the song live recently made me appreciate it in a whole another level than recorded. The great programming on the song and the intensity of the synthesizer coupled with Li Saumet’s skills on the mic  take you to the point of exaltation. They continuously explore new sounds and collectively flex their muscles and show their strength in their energetic live performances.

The video was recorded in a sold out show in Bogotá and truly displays the symbiotic exchange of energy between the band and its audience. If you have not seen Bomba Estéreo live, this video will clearly demonstrate to you why you definitely need to experience them live.

[insert-video youtube=1EOTyidcP7Y]