Video: Bomba Estéreo's "Cumbia Sicodélica" (+ Free MP3)

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I’m currently having an overdose of Li Saumet and I’m enjoying every second of it. Last week we posted the new video of her “Cumbia Prohibida” with Niña Dioz, now we have her on a new Bomba Estéreo single, “Cumbia Sicodélica” (Side note: people, you gotta stop it with the cumbia-this, cumbia-that, cumbia-whatever formula for the song titles, it’s getting old, I mean, it was already old before cumbia became ñu-cumbia, right? (Side note within the side note: if she ever made a song titled “Cumbia Porno” I’d be totally supporting it though)).

Made entirely with backstage and travel footage probably shot by the same band members during the last couple of years of heavy touring, the video gives us an intimate look at the real Liliana and the band, their pre-show rituals, and for some reason, plenty of tongues sticking out.

With all its crazy tempo changes, “Cumbia Sicodélica” is a song that’s tailor-made for live shows, because that’s where it works the best showcasing the impossibly high levels of energy and charisma that the singer delivers on stage; hence having a video with live footage taken from several music festivals makes a lot of sense. It’s great advertisement. If you haven’t seen Bomba Estéreo live yet, as soon as you finish watching this, you’ll be wanting to fix that.

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