Video: Bosnian Rainbows’ “Always On The Run” [USA]

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Chances are you may have caught this little gem if you happened to be on Facebook yesterday evening. If you didn’t, here it is for the first time. If you did, here it is again in blog format.

Bosnian Rainbows released this, their latest video, without any kind of warning or tease other than “Sorpresa! Nuevo video oficial de “ALWAYS ON THE RUN.” The video by Violeta Félix is equally as direct and/or plain (your descriptor of choice). Singer Teri Gender Bender sings directly to the camera fading away in an ocean of black, white, and grey while the background blurs away with pixels.

Is the Skype connection that bad? Or is this a statement on our post Edward-Snowden-revelation reality what with Teri sending secret videos that were encrypted a million times over to get to us from a hidden location of GOVERNMENT SECRETS forcing her on the run with Snowden and Mr. Wikileaks Cumberbatch?!

[insert-video youtube=Oz5vGeKHmsQ]

Download Bosnian Rainbows’ Bosnian Rainbows below: