Video: Brownout drops first single "JPT" off forthcoming album, Oozy

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Adrián Quesada is definitely the busiest man in Latin showbiz. This guy just can’t stop putting out amazing music through his different parallel projects and alter-egos: the Grammy winning cumbia big band Grupo Fantasma, the psychedelic bolero group Echocentrics, his collaborations in the cool laid-back vibes of Ocote Soul Sounds and the funkiest of them all, Brownout.

Brownout started as a funk jam band when the musicians from Grupo Fantasma were recruited by his royal majesty Prince (yup, you read right) to serve as backing band for his live touring a few years ago. But instead of going for the Minneapolis funk sound of the purple one, they focused on the grittier, raw sound of old school James Brown era funk, with a special emphasis on the Afro-Latin influences.

Last year Brownout released a remarkable second album on Six Degrees Records plus a DJ-friendly collection of remixes. Now they are announcing for 2012 a new album titled Oozy to be released through the Nat Geo label. Here’s its first single, “JTP” (no idea what it stands for) which they recently posted on their blog in the form of a video composed of retro-footage that fits perfectly the band’s cinematic sound and aesthetics.

Now the question remains, when does Adrián Quesada gets any sleep?

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