Video: Calle 13 "Muerte En Hawaii"

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Calle 13 has released the next single from their fourth album, Entren Los Que Quieran. The catchy track features lovey dovey lyrics over the sweet island sounds of a ukulele. The video serves as a contrast with a panic stricken couple, Residente and model Jimar Freshold, running for their lives on a beautiful beach. You’ll have to stick around until the last few seconds for the seemingly out of the blue (no pun intended) explanation.

The video fits right in with Calle 13’s socially conscious image. Before announcing the release of the video, Residente tweeted, “ahora con el poco dinero que me gano tengo que hacer mis conciertos gratuitos y construir escuelas, si no, no soy consecuente con lo que digo.” Director Alejandro Santiago Ciena, who worked with Calle 13 on the outrageous video for “Calma Pueblo,” helps them bring their point home once again with this shocking ending. Check out the full length video below!