Video: Calle 13's "Multi_Viral" ft. Tom Morello (Julian Assange Project) [P.R.]

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Under the hashtag #JulianAssangeCalle13, the Wiki Leaks founder and Puerto Rican duo have created a strong presence on Twitter to combat what they call “bad media.” Through fan responses, they’ve created “Multi_Viral” from what will ultimately become their new album. Out in March, the album will not be released by Sony Music Latin, but instead, will be released independently, according to Billboard. There’s a teaser below to get you acquainted with the project (as if you weren’t already!) and to hear snippets of “Multi_Viral,” out November 13th. The project will also feature Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello and Palestinian singer Kamylia Jubran.

[insert-video youtube=WJTDz_OjUes]