Video: Camilo Vega’s “Bonita” [PER]

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Camilo Vega is one nerdy Casanova. In his latest video, the singer/songwriter takes to the streets of Lima to ask a few random strangers to participate in his new video for “Bonita,” the second single off his latest album, No Hay Marcha A Atrás.

The sociologist-turned-pop-musician (how’s that for a tagline?!) invites the group of young women to perform the song with him. Vega can’t escape his academic past, so he also has the women share their thoughts on modern standards of beauty as they dress up a number of mannequins. The song isn’t an official response to Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” but it’s certainly a smarter alternative.

[insert-video youtube=3pAvsFp1nDI]