Video: Canteca de Macao’s “Circo Fúnebre”

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For the last three months, Madrid wunderkinds Canteca de Macao have been sending gifts our way every 15th day of the month in the form of some visually stunning music videos to celebrate their 10 year anniversary as a band. It almost feels like Christmas came early this year, because every video clip released has been as different, well produced, and downright inspiring as the next.

Under the hashtag #UNADECADA, Spain’s answer to Gogol Bordello first released “Los hijos del hambre no tienen mañana” in January – a quasi classical tour de force denouncing society’s navel gazing and its role in worsening the problems of the world. Ana Saboya’s flamenquera style voice adds an incredible amount of urgency to an already powerful song, with a mournful string section to boot. Also, check out that Spanish guitar…

For this month’s offering, Canteca de Macao premiered the video for “Circo Fúnebre,” the only new single they’ll release for their anniversary. As they describe it on their website, “Circo Fúnebre” is where they live: a theatre of pain, corruption, social injustice and tax evasion; a direct critique of the dire economic situation Spain is suffering at the moment. But, as with most Canteca de Macao singles, it’s not just a complaint –  it’s a call to action. It’s clear they hope to change the society they live in.

Musically, it sounds like they went to the Russian gypsy circus. Visually, the video accompanies Saboya, the band and guest El Langui through a very Chaplin-esque dinner where the clergy gets its share of the crap. It’s only fair, right? See for yourself.

[insert-video youtube=Q67pUhooUok]