Video: Capsula’s “Blind” [ESP/ARG]

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Capsula is a band that seemingly never sleeps because it’s too busy rocking out 24/7. The band, originally from Argentina but based in Spain for many years now, has an affinity for what one of my uncles likes to call that “good rock-n-roll,” otherwise known as rock music from the ’60s and ’70s. In fact, the band’s name is a reference to the capsule Major Tom swallows in David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.” Subtle and nice!

Blind” is the group’s latest single off their upcoming album, Solar Secrets, which arrives almost exactly two years to the day of their most recent effort, In The Land Of The Silver Souls. Hard rocking AND hard working, that’s what’s up! The video, which premiered at Filter last week, features Martin Guevara, Coni Duchess, and Ignacio Solimo rocking out in a forest to some killer riffs. It blows away anything and everything done by the majority of today’s lo-fi pretenders. Capsula isn’t pretending to be a badass garage band from the ’70s. They ARE a badass garage band (not) from the ’70s.

[insert-video youtube=3_Wr2cuuAqI]