Video: Capullo's "Déjame Vivir" (Juan Gabriel & Rocío Durcal Cover) [MEX]

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It’s amazing how well this cover of the ranchera pop hit single “Déjame vivir” represents Capullo. This is them: delightful pop tunes with cheesy lyrics sung by a boy/girls combo, and lots of fun, fun, fun. They have been playing it live for a while, and now they’ve released the perfect video to accompany it.

These visuals are a re-appropriation of the late Rocío Durcal and Juanga music video, sped up to match the tempo of the cover. It mixes the Televisa levels of drama from the original footage with the signature fun, upbeat electronic sound of the band from Aguascalientes, with hilarious results. If you think of it as if the two legendary stars are lip-synching for their lives to a Capullo song, you will find it even more amusing.

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