Video: Capullo's "Pretextos"

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Remember those days when you’d record something on a VCR and when you played it back you constantly had to adjust the tracking? Sometimes it didn’t work and you had to watch the show all squiggly; other times the image would even scroll down the tv. Ah, the good old days…

Well, Mexican dance pop group Capullo recreate this effect on their new very 90s video, Pretextos. Much like the video’s retro aesthetic, the song sounds like the type of 90s dance pop that blasted through boom box speakers in super mercados when I was a kid.  Its light, airy texture is like the shaving cream mustaches and beards that cover the band member’s faces in the video – by the time the breakdown arrives near the 3 minute mark, you’ll be basking in the cheesy dance pop grandeur. The video even ends with the iconic color bars used in test patterns that TVs displayed when no programming was on.

Prepare to take a trip down memory lane with Capullo’s 90s dance sounds and bust a move.

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