Video: Centavrvs' "Por Eso" ft. Denise Gutiérrez [MEX]

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First off, let’s talk about how good this song is. The production is impeccable, repeat worthy in its entirety. It’s chock full of drama, a drama so measured and contained that it inspires very visceral reactions. Its sexiness is just too much for me. I need a minute.

OK. And now, the video. Directed by Tino de la Huerta, who’s done videos for Quiero Club and Mexican Institute of Sound, “Por Eso” blurs the lines between violence, sex, and dance in a consistently intriguing way. Like its song, the video waits and waits until it can’t contain itself any longer. Its red filter suggesting a boiling point or a sense of overwhelming desire. Hey Centavrvs: yes. Yes on all accounts.

Watch the clip below, featuring Hello Seahorse!‘s Denise Gutiérrez.

[insert-video youtube=UfeIEusHh58]