Video: Chico Unicornio Covers Luis Miguel's "Ahora Te Puedes Marchar" [ARG]

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If only we could wake up to a Luis Miguel cover every day. Argentina-based (but Lima-originating) Chico Unicornio took it upon themselves to cover this early LuisMi classic, “Ahora te puedes marchar” (itself a Spanish-language cover of Dusty Springfield’s “I Only Want to be With You”). Their homage to Head Mirrrey in Charge amps up the synths and guitars to give it a messier, noisier sound. Andrea Guzmán, Chico Unicornio’s drummer, directed the clip, a pastiche of absurd and mundane images (and plenty of inedible-looking pancakes).

The video is nowhere near the obvious artistry of the original, but it’ll do. LuisMi’s was clearly made at a time when chasséing for three minutes was considered choreography. So if you’re interested in a little basic jazz training, check out the original below. But be warned: don’t stare directly into El Sol for too long.

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