Video: Cineplexx drifts towards paradise with "Crawl o Mariposas"

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OK kids. This professional blurbing business isn’t as fun and easy as it may seem. Sometimes you really have to rack your brain, listening to a track or watching a clip like about a billion times, with the ever pressing next day deadline looming over your head. All your Latina/o Studies and non-profit arts organizing and hours spent on poetry and fiction lesson plans seem to just go out the window with some of these floppy songs. But, every once in a while, ever so seldom, your brilliant editor hands you something that sparks the senses instantly. With its ebbing, Hawaiian breeze (minute long) intro, kaleidoscope affects and simple repetitions, the playful and dreamy queerness of this track is enough to set any bearded pirate lover on a long quest into forbidden seas. It kind of reminds me of Matias Aguayo‘s “Ritmo Juarez” video only in its thematic palm tree aesthetic. Otherwise, I’m not sure what to classify this bad boy as. Let’s just call it perfect.

Straight from their forthcoming 8th album release Perfume (expected early in 2012), if you count the blip experimentation debut, Cineplexx otherwise known as Sebastian Litmanovich, his brother and friends aren’t afraid to perplex on “Crawl o Mariposa.”

[insert-video youtube=611tBK-N1qY]