Video: Clear Plastic Masks' "So Real" [USA]

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Clear Plastic Masks is part of the new wave of musical acts embracing the all-american bluesy sounds of yore. The fact that they recently moved from Brooklyn to Nashville, the mecca of gritty, honest rock’n’roll, will only help them find a new crowd of soulful enthusiasts. In a few days their debut album Being There will be available; for now we get a taste of what’s coming with a new video for “So Real.”

As someone who lives in Santo Domingo, I can testify these quick depictions of life in the capital are pretty accurate, especially from the perspective of those friends from abroad who just want to drink Presidente in the middle of the street and go to the beach. Director Joshua Shoemaker overlaps footage from Dominican drummer’s Charlie Garmendia’s hometown with scenes from some of the band’s concerts (although they’ve never played in the DR yet). The result is a candid compilation of what the bandmate’s friendship is all about: adventure, drunkness, and their passion for live music.

Being There will be out on May 27. Enjoy this video as we’re sure they enjoyed their days off on the sunny Caribbean Sea.

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