Video: Cohoba's "Wings" [R.D.]

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Dominican producer Jorge Read, better known as Cohoba, has been slowly showing us the content of his next EP, Chromatism (2014, Stereoptico). Only a week after releasing the BeyoncĂ©-sampling track “I Just,” we now get the heavily filtered video for his song “Wings,” and it’s an intergalactic affair, courtesy of Suiche Machete.

We get to see a woman, boombox in hand, walking and dancing in slow motion right in the middle of some sort of shootout. But because of the image treatment, the color-shifting flora, the mutant flying insects, and, of course, the song, it feels like it’s all happening on a different planet. “Wings” follows the stylistic features of the other two songs we know from the EP: it’s a trap-pop number with atmospheric synth pads and a heavy-bottomed bass, with a little Tri Angle vibe. But in the absence of samples (not counting the typical and effective hip hop “YEAH”s), the track just screams for vocals.

Watch Cohoba’s “Wings” video below.

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