Video: Cohoba's "Know 1" [D.R.]

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Clever wordplay is not the only thing Jorge Read excels at. Take the video for “Know 1,” a standout song from his forthcoming Chromatism EP under his Cohoba moniker, slated to be released in late March by his own label, Stereoptico. The video, directed by fellow Dominican Sebastian Cabrera, depicts a scary/sexy/confusing person in a unicorn mask, a forest full of lambs, and halogen-powered mushrooms. The craziest part of the video are not the visuals, though; it’s the track itself that will make you think scratch your head.

“Know 1” combines retro synths with bone-rattling frequencies and pitch-altered vocals to provoke the listener into a disorienting fugue. It’s club music for people in (at least) two different states of mind at the same time. Music like this is perfect for whenever you feel nostalgic, like dancing or tripping hard. Not everyone can achieve this easily.

Cohoba is not the only outlet for Jorge Read. He’s also behind collaborative projects like Whitest Taino Alive, Botanico, and Astro Hernandez. And when he’s not recording with these acts, he’s busy making music for films, theater, and even commercials, jamming with bands, running his label, and DJing around the Santo Domingo club scene. Read started in 2007 and his unique approach to music got him noticed right away, even attending the Red Bull Music Academy in London back in 2010, one of only three Dominicans to do so (the other two also run Stereoptico along with Jorge.)

He’s already filming a video for another song from the EP with director Suiche Machete and we can’t wait to listen to the whole release.

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