Video: Coiffeur's "Mientras Tanto" [ARG]

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In Coiffeur’s newest video, “Mientras Tanto,” a teen or twenty-something wolf dances his way through the Santiago streets, plaid-shirt-clad and concealed by a face sweater of hair. Unfortunately, director Luciano Rubio—who also directed Fernando Milagros’ last video—has received a bit of backlash for it. Not because it’s not good. It’s lovely and elegant, a beautiful pairing for the song. But because Beach House and Allen Cordell were apparently the first people ever to think of putting hairy people in music videos and blah blah blah. These debates bore me. I, for one, have completely forgotten about that Beach House video because it is the worst. It tried really hard to ruin the best track on Teen Dream. Also, we can’t expect directors to have an all-encompassing music video catalog in their brains at all times. These things happen, videos accidentally look like one another, Luciano Rubio didn’t mean it, and this song and video and Coiffeur are great. Are we cool? K, watch it below.

[insert-video youtube=8aSSNE6llAI]