Video: Coronel's "Me La Paso Muy Bien" ft. Adam Cruz & Tino El Pinguino [MEX]

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Being surrounded by hot, model-type girls is basically every young rapper’s wet dream. So as soon as they start getting some traction and gather enough moola, they all fall into the cliché and shoot a video just like this one.

Redundant machismo aside, the Coronel brothers from Monterrey have real skills and tight beats and know how to surround themselves with talented MCs (Adan and Tino in this case) so the results don’t disappoint.

They already break the young rapero cliché with their nerdy hipster aesthetics so I say this one gets a pass. Allow them to fantasize all they want with hoochie-crowded house parties because sooner than later they’ll be controlling the Mexican hip-hop new school.

[insert-video youtube=lqf2EqMsvwo]