Video: Coronel's Very Literal "Nada Que Perder" ft. Pipe Llorens & Mongosaurio [MEX]

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Coronel’s latest, “Nada que perder,” is campaigning hard for summer bro anthem. It’s an overly literal track, outlining the dos and pros of summertime (drinking, smoking, general good-time-ness), but at its drunk-and-stoned core, it’s just telling everybody to chill the fuck out. Armed with singer Mongosaurio and Monterrey’s Pipe Llorens, the track is off Coronel’s Doble Diablo LP. So grab your best bros, hit up a carnival, take some selfies, and jam out to Coronel’s “Nada que perder.”

[insert-video youtube=mQ0n9TilcTM]