Video: Cross Echeyde's "Fiesta Fúnebre" [ESP]

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One-man bedroom producer Jaisiel Ramos, who goes by Cross Echeyde, distorts any sense of dreaminess in the dream-pop genre, altering the style’s pleasantries and fluidity through a-tempo scratches and overriding competing features. The result is still pleasing and fluid in its own way, but more present and erratic than most synth acts.

His recent EP, Mabelucha Gana—off El Hombre Bala Records—features six original tracks, including a cover of the oh-so-great Fajardo. The addictive opener, “Fiesta Fúnebre,” now has a video directed by Manón Yanes that combines the song’s funereal affliction with its tropical undertones. It also gives me more of an opportunity to completely objectify Ramos, because, hot damn.

[insert-video youtube=dArftN2Dr9E]