Video: Del Exilio's "200%" [USA]

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Del Exilio has a story to share that I’m sure many Remezcla readers will be able to relate to: the identity conflict of a Latino born and raised in the United States, living between two overlapping cultures and feeling equally part of both. Why do we have to check just one box?

That’s the personal story of Del Exilio’s Dave Sandoval, a Miami Cuban who put together this concept album, aptly titled Panamericano, as a road trip through the continent in search of his roots. Produced by Los Amigos InvisiblesDJ Afro, the album blends catchy pop melodies with a wide variety of Latin American folkloric sounds as the road trip goes from Buenos Aires to Peru to Mexico and all the way back to Florida.

Following the ambitious concept of the album, Del Exilio decided to release their videos as an even more ambitious sort of TV series, or telenovela, if you may. The bilingual “200%” is the second episode of this saga (watch the first one here) and it has plenty of crossover potential. It could in fact end up becoming the anthem of a generation.

[insert-video youtube=ceS-5SagSak]

Download Del Exilio’s Panamericano below: