Video: Dënver's "Los Bikers (Segundas Destrezas)"

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I applaud Chilean duo Dënver for their virtuoso presentation in their latest video in “Los Bikers.” The 70’s trumpet solos and jive-turkey elegance on their latest video installment might be the performance of the year. In collaboration with Cristobal Portaluppi the video kicks off with an adequate quote by the queer suicide prince, Yukio Mishima stating in Forbidden Colors, (pardon my rough translation from Spanish, but I assure you I couldn’t find the original or an english version), “Beauty always intimidates me. And that’s not all, because at times it degrades me.” What an apt expression for a song and video that explores homoerotic and other counterculture realities in their most picturesque and debasing splendor. Superb realization on all parts, from the exquisite dancers, seductive cinematography and all the flexing grace of our bound and gagged human condition, I salute these artists on their collaboration and audacity.

[insert-video youtube=KexERDQNuPI]