Video + Download: Technicolor Fabrics’ “Nuestro Día”

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If you’re like me, you’re all excited about this week’s first round of Champions League games. However, you’re also excited for an entirely different reason: the release of Technicolor Fabrics’ latest single. “Nuestro Día” is officially the last single for the Mexican indie/pop group’s latest album, IDEAS, and it’s a wonderful way to close out the promotional end of this album. The track sounds similar to the work of bands like Phoenix and Polock, all shimmery synths, sunshiney guitars, etc.

The video is a nice piece of work that makes me wish the cold weather would warm up so I can take a long drive to Austin, Texas with my friends for SXSW. I’d rather not spend the trip reminiscing about a past relationship though.

[insert-video youtube=4BYmscApBG4]

Download Tecnicolor Fabrics’s “Nuestro Dia” below: