Video: Ed Motta's "Latido" ft. Dante Spinetta [BRA/ARG]

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It might sound like an unexpected collaboration to some but Brazil’s Ed Motta and Argentina’s Dante Spinetta have a lot more in common that you’d think, so them meeting at a studio to work on a beautiful track seems fated.

First of all, both are respectively known as the top representatives of funk music in their countries. Also, and maybe not at all coincidentally, both are part of the royal lineage of legendary music pioneers in their scenes. Dante, as we all know, is the son of Argentina’s rock patriarch and ultimate poet, Luis Alberto Spinetta, while Ed is the nephew of Brazil’s godfather of soul, Tim Maia. Ed is also a professed fanatic of Luis Alberto’s music. Last year when he departed our realm, he tweeted that Spinetta was “the biggest pop artist of Latin America.” So they both had that tangible influence in common, but even more notably (especially on this track), they both share their admiration for Stevie Wonder. Oh, and both their last names end on -tta!

Ed went to Buenos Aires to record this video for the song “Latido” (where he sings in almost perfect espaƱol) and the visual result is almost as gorgeous as the melody. The song is included in Ed Motta’s latest release, AOR, which he released in two versions: Portuguese (with this one song in Spanish) and English.

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