Video Premiere: Eric Curiel’s “…De tu corazón”

Tijuana’s Eric Curiel has long been part of the city’s vital music outpour. He’s not only paved the way for music, but he’s also been a quintessential member of bands like Shantelle, Electric Healing Sound, Dancing Strangers, and PL DVNA. For the first time in 14 years, he has decided to release a solo album, one that captures the pure essence of his notorious work and sound.

La llamada de lo ideal will be released under Tijuana- based independent label, Prima Crush, home to María y José, Dani Shivers, Late Nite Howl, and Ibi Ego. The debut full length is set to be available for digital download on June 18.

For now, we can get a taste of his work with the video for his first single, “…De tu corazón.” Directed by Jesus Vazquez—Tijuana creative mastermind behind videos for Late Nite Howl and Dani Shivers—we can see an extensive twirling and interchanging of backdrops with various images. Like the song, the panning, back-and-forth effect is perfectly paired to enhance the echoed vocals, naturally blended with the noise-drenched guitars. “…De tu corazón” is a psychedelic distortion with a bodacious melody and a hint of meticulously crafted pop beats.

[insert-video youtube=sr5i_Y0LLRQ]