Video: Fabrikante's "Chanteoma" [ECU]

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Guayaquil’s Fabrikante is guilty of releasing one of the most interesting songs so far this year, “Chanteoma.” With the release of its video, now he’s also guilty of giving us one of the most striking visuals of 2013. Fabrikante, the one-man sound machine, makes tribal-tinged, hip-hop-influenced pop with heavy elements of freak folk. The infectious and busy “Chanteoma” is the first single off his March-released Memoria y Profecía de Doña Petita Pontón. Its video is directed by fellow Ecuadorian Machalo and solely features Fabrikante’s many faces, screen split, as paint (and sprinkles!) drips down onto his wagging tongue. It’s both delicious and grotesque. I think it’s safe to say it. This guy is The Best.

[insert-video youtube=QZYFF2WaIOc]

Download Fabricante’s Memoria y Profecia Doña Petita below: