Video: Fakuta’s “Virreinatos”

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Every Gen Y kid wants to be Rainbow Brite at some point in their life. Fakuta didn’t go full Rainbow on us in her video for “Virreinatos,” no sprites or white horses anywhere, but there’s a glimmer of our favorite childhood netherworld in there. The problem is, once we start channeling childhood fantasies into adulthood, the outcomes are darker and more complicated. This is what “Virreinatos” is about in a sense, the reality of two people growing up and becoming empires of themselves. Adulthood makes us draw lines between each other, even when we don’t want to.

Fakuta, alongside 2/3 of her Lynchian backing ladies (The Laura Palmers), remains very still and focused throughout the whole video, while Lite-Brite-type lighting and images (reminiscent of Carla Morrison’s “Yo Sigo Aquí” and Matías Aguayo’s “Ritmo Juarez”) dilute the screen with color. It’s what the ’80s thought space was going to look like in the future (i.e. now).

Watch the video for Fakuta’s “Virreinatos” off her 2011 album Al Vuelo (Michita Rex).

[insert-video youtube=PmWK4IccDdo]

Download Fakuta’ Al Vuelo below: