Video: Fatima's "La Neta" [GLOBAL]

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A factor a lot of people take into consideration when talking about a woman making music is style. The clothes they wear, the make up they plaster, the fashion era they’re channeling. It seems like pop stars of all persuasions are supposed to present the most trend-imposing, fearless front to make a name for themselves. But what if a really great singer doing really great music doesn’t follow suit and looks like a regular ol’ girl?

Fatima certainly has a look, but one that doesn’t look like a make-up artist and stylist team are available at her beck and call 24/7. She wears hoop earrings and oversized sweaters, but it all seems very natural for her. Listening to “La Neta” one could think that her style might only be there to counterbalance her constantly shifting music.

“La Neta” is more than one song. Starting soulful and slow like some of Alicia Keys’ most inspired moments, the song picks up speed somewhere in the pre-chorus and it goes into a dance beat that feels like a whole other track, a rhythmic R&B ditty with rave-inspired beats. Still, there are elements that turn the song into one big epic jam: the stark, minimalistic production and, of course, Fatima’s voice, a sweet, effortless behemoth of soul and tradition.

Born in Stockholm, and a current resident of East London, Fatima has collaborated with a wide array of producers and musicians. Dam Funk, Funkineven, Ras G, Dorian Concept, Scratcha DVA, and Floating Points. Fatima’s ambitious yet warm music is worth checking out. Watch the video for “La Neta” below.

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Download Fatima’s “La Neta” below: