Video: Fernando Milagros’ “Soltar”

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Fernando Milagros is one of Chile’s most honest performers. His album San Sebastián (2011, Quemasucabeza) repeatedly kicks you in the gut and then softens the blow with its thoughtfulness. Now we have the video for one of its most devastating tracks, “Soltar.”

The clip, directed by his director-of-choice Luciano Rubio, has a very similar aesthetic to their last collaboration, “Carnaval.” Images bleed into one another in slow-mo and the constant black and white is momentarily interrupted by splashes of subtle color. With “Soltar” we have an insular story framework: Milagros and his band performing at last year’s Lollapalooza. As a song, “Soltar” slowly builds toward an understanding, a sense that not all is right or that something has to be left behind.

Watch Fernando Milagros’ intimate video for “Soltar,” directed by Luciano Rubio.

Download Fernando Milagros’ San Sebastian below: