Video: Fishlights’ “Desprender”

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Did the members of The Plastics Revolution secretly plot to take over Mexico’s indie-pop universe by breaking out solo? It’s the only thing that makes sense. Take Exhibit A: Julio Gudiño’s experimental-pop project I Can Chase Dragons!, which we unveiled earlier this month.

Now take Exhibit B: Fernando Heftye’s solo project Fishlights. TPR’s guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist just released his own self-titled debut album of experimental-pop tunes thanks to the help of label Dos Pelicanos with “Desprender” as the lead single.

While Gudiño’s project is an experimental trip through the pages of La Historia Sin Fin, Heftye’s trip through “underwater dream-pop” sounds more like El Guincho taking the chill out of chillwave and replacing it with his tropical touch. The guitar riff sounds like it could’ve come straight out of Pop Negro.

Watch the video for “Desprender” below.

[insert-video vimeo=60045810]