Video: El Fother's "Catastrofe" ft. Lapiz Conciente [D.R.]

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Billed as a short film, El Fother navigates the gritty Dominican streets, making off with the loot but not before gunning down a couple of misfortunates in his way. The video’s theme is easily relatable for people in the barrios of any Latin American country, where violence and death might be a daily reality. In the chorus, Lapiz Conciente reminds us of death’s imminence by singing, “cuando la muerte venga, no te va avisar.” To get the full effect, listen with proper speakers or headphones or you’ll miss the beat’s thumping bass that makes the song.

[insert-video youtube=9X-wMtLTbmk]

Download El Fother’s Verdadera Vivencias below: