Video: Franc3s’ "Entrelazamiento"

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Spain’s trio Franc3s likes it hard and noisy. Like their musical paisanos, El Columpio Asesino and Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Franc3s prefers the more violent attempts to solemnity, while balancing a fuck-you mentality and a quiet dignity. All three of these bands are in a similar vein, but each one veers off into its own sacred territory, Franc3s pursuing a scrappier, more youthful energy. The one thing they definitely all have in common is that when I listen to their songs they make me want to get in a car and DO something. Cue Franc3s’ newest video for “Entrelazamiento,” off their recent album Campanas de Fuego Rosa (2012, Limbo Starr).

If I were to give you the Cliffs Notes version of this video, it would read like this: Guy (i.e. guitarist Albero Martínez) drives at night on an eerie road and a giant hitchhiking panda asks for a ride (don’t you hate it when that happens?) then they all party (I mean stand around moodily) in the back of a storage van while the panda stares at them then they light things on fire then everyone’s wearing masks then there’s more jogging then someone crosses a bootleg finish line. Basically, I think you have to watch the whole thing yourself.

Watch Franc3s’ video for “Entrelazamiento,” directed by Rubén Dominguez and Mar Catarina.

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