Video: Francisca Valenzuela's "En Mi Memoria"

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Francisca Valenzuela is worth an 8pm micro and metro ride for a panini Tuscano at your favorite little bistro in Mexico City. Her Fiona Apple meets Natalie Imbruglia and ’90s elegance is aptly spent in one of Mexico’s most affluent neighborhoods. Under the electro throbbing, torta-fat skies and even heavier greased lungs, there is refuge in the slender and sophisticated sound that Valenzuela manicures. Sitting next to Parque Rio Janeiro, with a miniature David standing greened and browned with age in the autumn air of northern Gulf winds closing in from the east, I can only wonder if this exquisite video was filmed in one of the surrounding mansions. With classic rock blaring over me as middle aged men and women dine, safe in their privilege I struggle to hear the lyrics of an eloquent ballad to memory and loss and the lusting solitude that comes from the quiet of one’s own demise. Tonight one music obsessed writer journeys back to his home after a delightful Modelo Negro buzz and frustrating encounter with language and economics as the images by Francisca Alegría make their way into the subconscious.

Just in time to dig up graves for ritual bone cleaning, this Day of the Dead motif, lawn care tutorial is the track of the season.

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