Video: Francois Peglau’s “Dubai”

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Regular readers of Remezcla should be familiar with our man Francois Peglau. We’ve shared our love for our favorite musical expat (French/Argentinian born in Peru living in London) a few times and you’re going to have to sit through that again because Peglau is back!

Sr. Peglau has been teasing us with glimpses of his upcoming album, La Crisis Del Segundo Album, due out in May or June. His next tease is the video for “Dubai,” which may be a tad NSFW considering the floor-cam close-up of a woman in a tanga.

The video by director Miriam Hater is a low-budget thriller/romance starring our man in multiple leading roles and Elena Saurel as the female lead, a.k.a. The Bombshell. In his trademark style, the video includes a number of clips from some incredibly old films (older than most of you reading this right now) to tell a funny story set to his Beck-meets-Bigott sound plus John-Lennon-on-helium voice.

Also, there’s audio from a speech by Slavoj Zizek, if Communist rockstar philosophers are your thing.

[insert-video youtube=E1swSeSfe0c]