Video: Franny & Zooey's "I Love You" [R.D.]

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Ups and downs. This is what love is all about, isn’t it? At least for Dominican band Franny & Zooey it is. Last year, their first Bananafish EP came out, and now the duo is ready to release Bottled Up And Ready To Go, in May, through English label Dufflecoat Records. The introduction to this new material is “I Love You,” and yes, the song and its video are all about love.

In this cute little piece directed by Guillermo Zouain, a guy receives a gift-wrapped box with a flashlight and the message “find me.” He looks for his girlfriend in a dark, dusty parking lot, and sometimes he sees her, sometimes he sees an old memory of himself fighting and making up with her, and sometimes he sees the band’s Juan Julio Peña playing guitar and Victoria Linares singing and sort of playing tambourine. The lovely, up-tempo twee pop song, which sounds like an updated version of some tune from the Sarah Records catalogue, works perfectly with these images. And, how else could the video of a song titled “I Love You” end? Exactly. It ends with the couple kissing.

[insert-video youtube=nj-gnW5V6UM]