Video: Fuck Her, or the Terrorists Win's Cover Julieta Venegas in "Sueño de Sombras" [MEX]

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In the best scene of Miranda July’s The Future, July’s wannabe-professional-dancer finds a t-shirt from her old life in her new home. What happens after this is the moment of reflection and abandon in the movie. She puts the shirt on and proceeds to move while Beach House’s “Master of None” plays. Her movement is, on the surface, awkward and timid, yet perfectly reflects the moment of anxiety, as she becomes magically engulfed in the t-shirt. In the video for Fuck Her, or the Terrorists Win’s cover of Julieta Venegas‘ “Sueño de Sombras,” directed by Bul, a more decidedly professional dancer takes to the floor and goes through counts of solo contact movement. I wish this image had as much resonance and stylistic hubris as July’s—I kept expecting it to shock me—but the video’s direction, effects, and lighting ultimately didn’t quite gel. The costuming didn’t help matters either. I don’t really want to see a contemporary dancer rolling around the floor in lululemon and Keds. Her movement required some equally thoughtful attire.

Regardless, the cover is pretty fantastic, building toward this relentless triumph at the end. It has what, for me, The Postal Service has never had: heart (and less whining, for sure). The Monterrey electronica duo—comprised of Roger Cámara and 60 TigresRoberto Polo—has crafted a different enough version of the already-wonderful Venegas track to showcase themselves as inventive, capable minds. “Sueño de Sombras” is off the group’s What is Hurt? EP and the upcoming expanded LP of the same title.

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