Video: Fuckaine's "Aitork" [ESP]

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Fuckaine‘s new track, “Aitork,” has a beastly case of the VCR tracking-knobs. Bent on the ancient, wobbly distortion of my copy of Hercules (1997, for the win), “Aitork” is a string of bops and hops that warbles close to something that poured hot and bothered from the Super Nintendos of yesteryear.

The video’s a spattering of strangeness straight out of the ’90s: planets explode via tennis racquets, Street Fighter II (Turbo, I assume) makes a fireball of an appearance, and there’s enough clay in there to force Gumby back into my nightmares for a week.

[insert-video youtube=cSesbBeiYKY]