Video: Gas-Lab & Traum Diggs' "Jazz Hop" [ARG/USA]

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It’s not very often that we get to hear cities like Buenos Aires being name-dropped in English rap songs. In the post-globalization era, everything is possible and Argentine producer Gas-Lab makes history by putting his local scene on the international hip-hop map, thanks to his impressive beat-making skills.

After working with local Argentine rhyming heavy-weight Mustafá Yoda, Gas-Lab put together a compilation of his collaborations with some of the most talented MCs of the continent. More recently, we’ve seen him laying down the beat for Dominican rapper Hache ST. Crossing over to the Anglo scene was the natural next step in his evolution.

Jazz Hop” is that next step. Gas-Lab provides a classic, jazzy background for Brooklyn rapper Traum Diggs and together they evoke the best of hip-hop’s golden age (Guru’s Jazzmatazz gets much-deserved props). While he rides his fixie through the streets of Puerto Madero, the Argentine producer doesn’t seem too far away from Brooklyn, does he?

[insert-video youtube=yyw7BNvPgwA]

Photo by John Shore