Video: Gepe sings "12 Minerales"

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Upon several listens of Gepes new video for the song “12 Minerales,” I’m still not exactly sure what these minerals are and if they in fact exist on the periodic table of elements, but either way, I’m not a scientist and don’t expect every song to make the most sense ever. But, one thing’s for sure, Chilean singer Daniel Riveros has based his career on a vibrant and vitriolic usage of folky, acoustic pop. His latest video uses simple, spinning effects to drive at the heart and remind us all that goodwill and pleasant disposition should always prevail over your dredging angst. But above all other parts to this video, I think I was mostly intrigued by Riveros’ choice in wardrobe. I swear I used to have a Bell sweater just that same color as a kid, and boy oh boy I wouldn’t mind that Andes ponche he’s sporting either. This is a calming song, with not too much by ways of production, but this tried and true star doesn’t strike me as the kind of dude that would really need a lot of trappings to get his message across.

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