Video: Gnučči’s “Goodah” feat. Jasmine Solano, Zuzuka Poderosa, Lady Chann, Nadia Nair

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As our high priestess Beyoncé once asked, who run the world? Girls. If you disagree, well, I dare you to tell that to Gnučči and her homegirls Jasmine Solano, Zuzuka Poderosa, Lady Chann, and Nadia Nair. The five rappers got together on a remix of Gnučči’s track “Goodah” to add some extra oomph to an already banging track.

The Swedish rapper, a.k.a. Ana Rab, dropped the original version of “Goodah” on her debut EP Oh My Goodness. The original track is a chiptone, global bass anthem about a badass chick who’s so good that she’s “goodah!”

The remix is more aggressive and gives the aforementioned guests a shot at rhyming about why they’re badasses who can cook up some stew while their waistlines grind. I wouldn’t recommend calling this a girl anthem mainly because these ladies would kick your ass for calling them “girls.”

Oh and how great is the video by Josef Svanström? It’s like an old-school flash animation cartoon. Watch it below.

[insert-video youtube=u4n2FsK042E]