Video: Guadalupe Plata's Terrifyingly Awesome "Milana" [ESP]

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This video: yes. Guadalupe Plata’s on-the-verge-of-sacrifice style of music always lends itself well to varying degrees of horror. The sound, punctuated by its guttural abandon and heavy guitars that edge you closer to the proverbial cliff, feels tailor made for only the best B-movie horror flicks, so the clip for “Milana,” from the band’s recent self-titled LP, is a perfect pairing.

Actress Silvia Vacas bravely fills the manic—and eventually bloody—role of wide-eyed-possessed-vixen in the NYSU-directed clip. Our leading lady quickly devolves into her demonic self thanks to the music’s implicit terror and some strobes, but all seems to end well. Or does it?

There’s something really affecting and visceral about this video, or, really, about watching any video that nails its song’s world so well. It feels like a nightmarish scene plucked from the very movie that inspiredsuch terror. And even though the music is stirring up something inside everyone, you can see the band members in the back, cool as cucumbers. Because they’re not the ones at risk. If anything, we’re the lamb.

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Download Guadalupe Plata’s Milana below: